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Summer Wedding Flowers

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
Submerse your flowers in water to avoid wilting in the heat

Submersed centerpiece flowers avoid wilting in summer

Summer is a popular time for weddings, and wedding flowers can begin to wilt fairly quickly in the sweltering heat if your special day is unexpectedly hot.

To avoid the heat wilting your centerpiece flowers on your day, consider a more hardy bloom like Lilies or Orchids for your reception.

Keep your flowers cool

Your centerpieces can stay cool throughout the day/evening with the flowers submerged in water like this design containing white roses, lilies and orchids in 3 separate cylinder vases and floating votive candles in smaller cylinder vases, your flowers can stay cool all day.

Additionally in this design, each vase has a white seashell bottom to accent your decor.

**You can substitute any number of colors by picking decorative gems in cobalt, turqoise, teal, forest green and many more colors or adding submersible floralytes to give your arrangements a nice glow.

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