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Find the Right Wedding Florist

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Palm Leaves, Ginger, Lilies, Roses & Orchids.

Square Glass Vase w/ Palm Leaves, Ginger, Lilies, Roses & Orchids

Finding the right flowers for your wedding can be one of the most exciting parts of the planning. Your ceremony flowers will make the first impact as guests arrive, your bouquet will be the focus of your personal floral decor, accenting your dress, and your reception centerpieces will be the first thing many guests see when they arrive for the post-ceremony festivities. Make those memorable experiences count by finding a great Wedding Florist.

Finding the right Wedding Florist should be, among other things, a combination of expertise and price. At Wholesale Flowers, we have some of the most talented floral designers in San Diego that create beautiful pieces of art for weddings and special events of all sizes.

As a wholesale floral supply company, our prices on flowers, supplies, decorative accents and more are tremendous. We use only the highest quality, grower direct flowers available.

Our wedding team offers a complimentary consultation for your wedding flower ideas and communicates effectively throughout the process so your questions are answered in a timely fashion.

Call our Design Team today at 619-295-4333.

Autumn Flowers & Arrangements

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Centerpiece Floral Arrangements like this Square Ceramic spotted container w/ Red Asiatic Lilies, Black Magic, Peach Roses, Ti Leaf and seeded eucalyptus are priced around $50. Please call our design dept. at 619-295-4333 to place an order.

Availability of containers and flowers are subject to season and items in stock.

Black Magic Roses & Ti Leaves

Black Magic, Peach Roses, Ti Leaves and more.


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